Ambassador of Chile to the US visits California

August 25, 2009
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In a 4 day trip, the Ambassador of Chile to the US, Mr. José Goñi, will visit California.

The main objectives of his visit to California are related to strengthen the Chile-California relations, by promoting different initiatives like the Trade Mission to Chile and the Competitiveness Forum of The Americas to take place from September 27 to 29 in Santiago, Chile.

Arriving to San Diego on august 25th, Mr. Goñi will visit important California based companies like Sempra Energy. The Ambassador will also give a speech at the Institute of The Americas.

Mr. Goñi will have a busy agenda in Los Angeles, having appointments to meet the editorial committee of The Los Angeles Times, meeting with Mr. Michael Milken founder of The Milken Institute, visiting the Port of Los Angeles and also meeting with Anderson School of Business Professor Mr. Sebastian Edwards.

Ambassador Goñi will continue his visit to California in San Francisco where he has several appointments to give speeches at different universities like San Francisco University.