Cooking Class

Ceiba Restaurant in Washington D.C.
June 6, 2009
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ProChile’s Commercial Office in Washington D.C., helped organizing a cooking class at the Ceiba restaurant in Washington, DC.

The class was led by Chef Matias Palomo, who traveled directly from Santiago to cook for an audience of 30 people, which delight the preparations, styles, national ingredients and innovations, through the various dishes that were tasted by each participant. Each person interacted with the Chef, with technical questions and by tasting ingredients and preparations. At the same time, Chef Palomo, commented on the uses and properties of each Chilean product used. In parallel, the sommelier of the Ceiba restaurant, gave a historical overview of Chilean wine, while each person adventured in the intriguing aromas and flavors, also had the opportunity to get acquainted and learn about the different varietals that were served with each dish.

The companies that participated in the activity were Etnia (“Merquen”), Olisur (Olive Oil) and San Pietrol (Avocado Oil), as for the wine, Haras (Sauvignon Blanc), Cousino-Macul (Riesling), Montes Alpha (Cabernet Sauvignon) and Miguel Torres (Riesling).