Exclusive 2-Week Chilean Menu at Centrico!

Centrico Restaurant, New York
June 22, 2009
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Experience the unique flavors of Chile with an exclusive Chilean menu designed by Chef Aaron Sanchez, one of the country’s leading contemporary Latin chefs.

Chilean hands produce the sublime ingredients that are being introduced during Flavors of Chile at Centrico. Unique Mapuche spices such as Merken and gourmet specialty products like Ulmo Honey, Carica, Myrtleberries and Extra Virgin Olive and Avocado Oils express Chile’s unique terroir. Infused wine vinegars, slowly processed and aged in French oak barrels, conserve the finest aromas and flavors of the land and wine. This diverse and inventive collection of ingredients comprises the distinct flavors of Chile.

211 W Broadway at Franklin Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 431-0700

Sponsors: Chileangourmet, Mickelsen Gourmet, Olave, Tamaya Gourmet, Pisco Capel, and Casa Lapostolle

Flavors of Chile - Centrico Announcement