Pilar Rodriguez

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Selling Chile through its flavors is the force driving the work of Chilean chef Pilar Rodríguez through the past few years. After taking a degree at L’École Culinaire Le Cordon Bleu-Paris, this former Tommy Hilfiger Marketing Director for Latin America and the Caribbean decided to drop out of the fashion industry altogether and devote herself to her two driving passions: wine and food. From her home base in the Colchagua Valley, she now busies herself combining the flavors of modern Chile with those going back many generations.

Chile is ideally suited for production of high-quality foods. Natural barriers shelter it from pest and disease, and a mild Mediterranean climate provides unparalleled conditions for growing products that make for perfect gourmet ingredients –each of which owes much to the dedication, care, and hard work of growers concerned with delivering world-class products capable of holding their own against the best anywhere. “Our producers are making a concerted effort to bring back and show the world the indigenous ingredients and time-honored flavors that have been with us since times immemorial,” says Rodríguez.

Backed by a vast export potential that speaks of a reliable, trustworthy supplier country, the Chilean gourmet industry is now set to captivate the world’s most sophisticated palates. The Chilean lineup is full of fascinating new flavors that will make any food experience more fun and attractive. “We want people to enjoy unique foods made from high-quality ingredients by quality-conscious growers and producers. Through them we want to share our flavors, our culture, and our passion for what we do.”