Celebrity Chef Julius Follows the Flavor to Chile

November 28, 2010
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Chicago's very own Chef Julius will be exploring the South American cuisine first hand as he takes his first trip to the Chile. Chef Julius, whose Latin alter ego is Chef Tiki, is the owner of Tale of Two Chefs and has long been an avid enthusiast of the Latin American kitchen, but only recently was introduced to the distinctive ingredients of Chile. The chef's eclectic style employs features of Old World Spain and France spiced up with with Creole, Caribbean and Latin culinary influences. Passionate about cooking since an early age, Chef Julius has recently turned his passion into his career. Since becoming a professional chef, he has cooked for celebrities all over the world and has been featured on a variety of television networks and shows. The Chef's motto "the favor leads" describes perfectly his passion for extracting the best ingredients from around the world to create the ultimate international cuisine.
Next week ProChile Chicago along with Chocalan Winery, Aura Olive Oil, Casa Silva Winery, Giangrandi Gourmet Organic Olive Oil, BogarisCulinary, Chilean chefs, and a Chilean Tourism Association have invited Chef Julius to Chile. During his trip, he will be experience the wide array of cuisines rooted across the country. From fertile wine vineyards to organic olive farms, he will have a chance to examine the techniques used to harvest and refine his favorite cooking ingredients. The celebrity chef will also be working alongside Chilean chefs to absorb the unique South American culinary philosophies. With his innovative approach to cooking and the appreciation his fellow chefs and fans have gained over the years, Chef Julius be able to familiarize America with the exotic flavors of Chile.
Stay tuned to see what spices and methods Chef Julius brings back from Chile and how you can incorporate them into your own dishes!