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ProChile Newsletter

ProChile, the Trade Commission of Chile, has been working to bring members of the American film community resources about Chile’s burgeoning film industry. This year marked the first ‘Cinema Chile| NYC Fall 07’, a Chilean film festival that made its debut in Manhattan this past November. ProChile also hosted a number of events in Atlanta and Los Angeles that featured the breathtaking landscapes and rising talent that is putting Chile on the international film map. As Chile continues to gain buzz among the film and advertising communities, ProChile will be sure to keep you informed about the latest news and events pertaining to Chile's film industry.

During the holiday season more than ever, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible.  In this spirit, we say simply but sincerely...

Thank You and Best Wishes for the Holidays and a Happy New Year

Alejandro Cerda
Trade Commissioner
ProChile New York

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Cinema Chile | NYC Fall 07 Program
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Cinema Chile | NYC Fall 07 Program

One-Week Engagement

(Sebastián Lelio, Chile, 2005, 99 min.)

This film about mounting tensions between members of a well-to-do family during an Easter holiday weekend has won prizes at more than a dozen international film festivals including the FIPRESCI Prize and the Grand Prix at the Toulouse Latin America Film Festival and the SIGNIS Award at the Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival. A Global Film Initiative ( release.
Friday, November 9, 7pm*; Saturday, November 10, 3pm; Sunday, November 11, 9:15pm; Monday, November 12, 5pm; Tuesday, November 13, 3pm; Wednesday, November 14, 5pm; Thursday, November 15, 9pm.
*Q&A with filmmaker

Contemporary Film Showcase

(Matías Bize, Chile/Germany, 2005, 86 min.)

Set in an aging Santiago motel room over the course of one night. Directed by Matías Bize, one of Chile's most promising young filmmakers, In Bed has won numerous festival prizes, including the FIPRESCI prize for Best Actress at the Palm Springs International Film Festival 2006, was nominated for a Goya for Best Spanish Language Foreign Film 2007 and was Chile's official selection for the 2007 Academy Awards.
Saturday, November 10, 7pm*; Monday, November 12, 9:15pm.

*Q&A with filmmaker.

(Alex Bowen, Chile/Argentina/Spain, 2004, 100 min.)
Set during the Beagle conflict of 1978, this absurd comedy follows a ragtag Chilean border patrol unit lost in Argentine Patagonia. When they inadvertently set up camp 100 yards from an Argentinean platoon, their tense anticipation of the looming war quickly turns to mutual understanding as they put down their guns and pick up a soccer ball. My Best Enemy was a box-office smash in Chile, screened at the Cannes Film Festival, and was nominated for a Goya for Best Spanish-Language Foreign Film 2006.
Saturday, November 10, 9:15pm; Thursday, November 15, 5pm

(María Elena Wood, Chile/Spain, 2006, 59 min.)

New York Premiere
In 2006 Michelle Bachelet made history by becoming Chile's first woman president, despite being a socialist, single mother and agnostic in arguably one of South America's most conservative nations. Filmmaker María Elena Wood spent one year following Bachelet as she traveled through Chile on the campaign trail.
Friday, November 9, 9:30pm*; Thursday, November 15, 7pm
*Q&A with filmmaker

(Dauno Tótoro, Chile, 2004, 73 min.)

An engaging and empowering documentary that examines the proud history and traditions of the indigenous Mapuche Indian communities, Tótoro's film has screened at numerous festivals and was the Indigenous Award Winner at the Encuentro Hispanoamericano de Video Documental Independiente in Mexico.
Tuesday, November 13, 7:30pm; Thursday, November 15, 3pm.

(Alberto Fuguet, Chile, 2005, 109 min.)
Based on the director's hit novel of the same name, the debut feature of this renowned writer was one of the most successful local productions of 2005.
Friday, November 9, 3pm; Monday, November 12, 7pm

(Rodrigo Sepúlveda, Chile, 2006, 100 min. In Spanish with English subtitles)
Both funny and tender, this unconventional road movie finds ailing Caco (Jaime Vadell) struggling to make amends with his family before he passes. Our Father was awarded the Best Actor prize for Jaime Vadell's performance at the Cartagena Film Festival and is Chile's official selection for the 2008 Academy Awards.
Sunday, November 11, 5pm; Wednesday, November 14, 7pm.

(Bettina Perut & Iván Osnovikoff, Chile/Italy/Spain, 66 min.)
An exercise of inverted ethnography - from South to North - in which the directors show an irreverent vision of the "Capital of the World" within the frame of the 2004 Presidential Campaign, in which George W. Bush was reelected. A reflection on the contemporary human being, his inescapable animal nature and tragic fate.
Sunday, November 11, 7:30pm; Wednesday, November 14, 3pm

Short Films Program

CERCANOS / AROUND (Jerónimo Rodríguez, Chile, 12 min.) A car threads its way through the streets of Santiago, Chile, carrying two laconic siblings. The two run their daily errands as the cityscape washes over them. Understated and discreet, Cercanos is an examination of a family in transition.

DEBAJO / UNDER (Dominga Sotomayor, Chile, 17 min.) Jaime, who's been away from the city of his own free will, invites his family to watch an eclipse at his house in the mountains. The first tensions in the group, slowly vanish, reaching the most transparent moment among the eclipse's darkness.

LAS PELUQUERAS / THE HAIRDRESSERS (Maite Alberdi Soto, Israel Pimentel Bustamante, Chile, 28 min.) Ana Luisa is single and has been tending to the salon in her living room for over 60 years. She sees a chance to reinvigorate business, but is reluctant to the idea of bringing in customers that, in her view, are ruining her neighborhood.

LOBOS DE LA FERIA FLUVIAL / SEA WOLVES AT THE RIVER MARKET (Ilán Stehberg, Chile, 20 min.) Three children wander around a city and its river as if they were bound to meet each other, but they arrive at a different time at the same river market.

DESDE LEJOS / FROM AFAR (Alejandro Fernández Almendras, Chile, 18 min.) In the days previous to Christmas, a man travel from the city to the countryside to spend a day with his mother.
Saturday, November 10, 5pm; Wednesday, November 14, 9pm


Chilean Auteurs

Chile has seen the emergence of notable filmmakers such as Alejandro Jodorowsky, Raoul Ruiz, Patricio Guzmán, and Miguel Littín, among others. This sidebar to Cinema Chile contextualizes the work of the younger generation of filmmakers with the longer tradition of Chilean cinema.

(Alejandro Jodorowsky, Mexico, 1968, 96 min.)

Alejandro Jodorowsky's first feature film that caused a riot after its screening when it premiered at the Acapulco Film Festival.
Tuesday, November 13, 9:15pm

(Patricio Guzmán, 1997, Canada/France, 58 min.)
Years after the bloody coup of September 11, 1973 Guzmán returns to Chile to screen his landmark film The Battle of Chile in his homeland for the first time, and to explore the terrain of the confiscated (but maybe reawakening) memories of the Chilean people.
Sunday, November 11, 3pm

(Miguel Littín, Chile, 1969, 88 min.)

Considered one of the key films in the history of Chilean cinema, Miguel Littín's El Chacal de Nahueltoro is based on a true story of a crime that shocked Chile in 1960.
Friday, November 9, 5pm

(Silvio Caiozzi, Chile, 1979, 120 min.)

Screened at Directors Fortnight at the 1979 Cannes Film Festival, Silvio Caiozzi's film is a tour de force that marked a milestone in Chilean cinema.
Tuesday, November 13, 5pm

All films in Spanish with English subtitles

Panel Discussion on Contemporary Chilean Cinema Join us for a panel discussion on recent Chilean cinema, its vitality, its successes and its challenges, with our guest filmmakers.

Friday, November 9, 7-9 pm
New School University
66 West 12th Street Room 510
Free and Open to the Public

Over the past few years, Chilean cinema has gone through a vibrant and exciting reemergence. A generation of young filmmakers venture into uncharted territory both aesthetically and thematically trying to find more accurate narratives that reconcile the turmoil of the country's past with the complex and intricate nuances of the present. These novel directors are challenging how Chile has traditionally been represented and perceived both at home and abroad. Join us for an intimate conversation with three of Chile's most cutting-edge, up-and-coming directors. Sebastián Lelio (LA SAGRADA FAMILIA), María Elena Wood (LA HIJA DEL GENERAL) and Matías Bize (EN LA CAMA) speak about the making of their films, the state of film in Chile and the social and political landscape for filmmakers, artists and storytellers. This panel-style event will be moderated by NY1's film critic Jerónimo Rodríguez.

About the filmmakers:

Matías Bize was born in Santiago, Chile in 1979. At 23, and prior to graduating from the Chilean School of Cinema, he directed his first feature film Sábado, which premiered at the International Competition at the Mannheim-Heidelberg Film Festival where it received four awards, including the Rainer Werner Fassbinder Award. His second feature, En la Cama, a Chilean-German production, premiered at the Locarno Film Festival, and won the Espiga de Oro award at the Valladolid Film Festival, making Bize the youngest filmmaker to receive this award. To date, En la Cama holds more than 35 international awards from numerous film festivals. Bize recently finished his most recent film Lo Bueno de Llorar.

Sebastian Lelio (formerly Sebastián Campos) graduated from Chile's Escuela de Cine and has made several digital films, including Ciudad de Maravillas (2001), one of the stories featured in Fragmentos Urbanos. His short films include Carga Vital (2003), and he has made documentaries and programs for television. The Sacred Family is his first feature film.

Maria Elena Wood is a journalist from Universidad Católica de Chile, she has worked as editor, columnist and adviser in content development for diverse communication media. She has lead programming projects for major Chilean television broadcasters and pay TV channels. The numerous challenges she has taken on include implementation of the Research and Development department of Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN, 2001 -2003), executive production of the documentary series Our Century (1999), and executive co-production of the feature film El Último Grumete de la Baquedano (1982). In 2006 she directed the documentary feature film La Hija del General (The General's Daughter) on Michelle Bachele's journey to the presidency of Chile.


Jerónimo Rodríguez Naranjo was born in Santiago, Chile. Jerónimo moved to the U.S. after graduating from law school. He works as host/critic on the film review television program, Take One, on NY1 in New York City, and contributes as a film columnist for various publications, like People Magazine and Capital Magazine.


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