Information Technology: World-Class Standards

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Information and communications technology (ICT) activities currently account for about 1.2 percent of Chile's GDP. A 2007 new technology survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Chile first in Latin America and number 30 worldwide.

An estimated 80 percent of Chile's export-capable ICT firms are either CMM- (Capability Maturity Model) or ISO 9000:2000-certified or awaiting certification.

Chile's key competitive edge is The Digital Agenda, an ambitious plan designed to underpin future growth on a solid ICT base. The Agenda is based on a broad public-private consensus about country needs going forward, with the coming 2010 Bicentennial as a key milestone. The Agenda's motto is "E-Ready by the Bicentennial".

Chile has significant strengths in software development, online service, and information technology outsourcing. The Chilean financial system is a Latin American leader in technology use and has recognized strengths in areas such as pension funds, insurance and mutuals. In addition, Chile has pioneered the use of technology in port, public transit and road concessions.

The World Economic Forum ranks Chile 5th among countries with access to e-government.

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