Chile Advantages

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  • Diverse and pristine natural locations

    From soaring, snow-capped mountains, to fertile plains and the world’s driest desert: from dramatic Antarctic glaciers to picturesque beaches and resorts, all in a land mass that is 2700 miles long but only 110 miles wide on average.

  • Getting there is easy.

    Over 90 weekly flights from North America to Chile.

  • Dollars go further in Chile.

    A stable and growing economy and low-cost labor combine to make Chile a good choice for budgetary reasons.

  • Counter seasons.

    When it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, it’s summer in Chile -- that can help many outdoor shooting sessions stay on schedule.

  • Fully developed communications and technology infrastructure.
  • Business friendly environment and safe destination.

  • World Class Hotels

  • Available Post Production Facilities

  • Location Services

  • Bi-lingual and experienced workforce.

  • Additional Resources

The Chilean Film and Photography Community Stands Ready to Help.
Chile’s bilingual producers, directors, art directors, photographers, actors, stage hands, set builders, etc. – and extensive post-production facilities – are poised to help visiting filmmakers and photographers to realize their creative visions.