Sights & Sounds of Chile Overview

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Chile’s Natural Wonders Combine Diverse Urban Locations, Low-Cost Labor, Production Know-How and Modern Infrastructure

From Hollywood movies to TV commercials, from nature to fashion photography, Chile offers unsurpassed diversity and drama in natural landscapes. The country is bordered by the world’s driest desert to the north, Patagonia’s glaciers to the south, the soaring Andes Mountains to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West. Beyond unsurpassed geography, Chile offers diverse urban settings, both modern and historic; production equipment; talent; low-cost labor; post-production facilities and skilled, English-speaking production technicians.

Photographers or filmmakers who produce a project in Chile can expect full support from an infrastructure designed to meet their every artistic and budgetary need. They can also look forward to luxury accommodations, world-class cuisine and modern, reliable transportation and communications systems.

In November 2006, FilmChile, The Chilean Film & Photo Commission was launched to promote and support international filmmaking and photography efforts in Chile.

For a downloadable PDF of the latest edition of FilmChile’s Resource Guide, click here.